This is an OK servo tester. It says that you can use it manually or in automatic mode but there are no instructions to tell you how to change the settings. Модель радиоуправляемого вертолета E-SKY E-500 RTF инструкцию на русском ESC Servo Tester.

Скачать инструкцию на русском turnigy servo tester - скачать игру ризен 3 на русском с дополнениями на пк

Nice thing to have in the tool box or to test equipment before installation. Use this to control/test/balance a brushless motor. Especially usable tool when hooked. The Turnigy Servo Tester provides seven test functions for both digital and analog displays pulse width in micro seconds of the signal being sent to the servo. Turnigy 2 in 1 Power Meter/Servo Meter 1.5 TFT. Perfect for testing current used by servos and power systems Instruction Sheet · download now 1242kb.

The Turnigy LED Servo Tester is durable, easy to use and can test up to 4 servos at the same time. It has 3 modes, manual, neutral and automatic The Turnigy 760HV servo tester was custom designed to be the most accurate and accommodating servo tester available. It's quality case design reflects the.

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